PHYT’S Naturo-Esthetique is the No 1 Professional Skincare Range in France that carries the prestigious COSMEBIO label.

 Guaranteed Toxin free, PHYT’S is a subtle alliance of Natural and Organic active ingredients to give your skin all the radiance you deserve…Naturally!


Reduced prices for repeat treatments within 4-6 weeks are highlighted throughout.

Satin Organic Exfoliation

The scrub of this exfoliant is comprised of Guérande Sea Salt, which stimulates the blood circulation, therefore improving oxygenation & glow of the skin.  It gently lifts dead skin cells, leaving the body silky soft.  Shea butter nourishes, protects and allows the scrub to be used as a massage medium.  The skin is enveloped and is continuously nourished for hours after the treatment.

Satin Organic Exfoliation (55min) – €40   €36


Balance of the Back

This treatment is for backs with imperfections, skin eruptions & blackheads.  It balances the pH, calms sebaceous glands & heals cutaneous problems.  Camphor & Neroli balance, while Sunflower hydrates the skin, allowing for an easy removal of blockages.  A natural antiseptic is used after extraction to heal with a cooling & comforting Peppermint mask to calm the skin and remove redness.

Balance of the Back (75min) – €60   €55


Softness of the Back

A gentle exfoliation to remove excess skin cells and allow for full penetration of the oil to follow.  Then a relaxing tension massage to loosen the body, free up tensions and clear the mind.

Softness of the Back (60min) – €50   €45


Cocoon Escape

Using the essential oils of Lavender & Geranium for a Relaxing envelopment, the body is first exfoliated with a skin smoothing Guérande Sea Salt Scrub, which stimulates the blood circulation therefore improving oxygenation & glow of the skin to prepare it for the massage and mask.  Even the driest of the skins won’t know themselves after Phyt’s Cocooning: a rich body butter is massaged and the body mask melts into the skin, so no showering or removal of anything from the skin at the end of the treatment.

Cocoon Escape (90min) – €70   €65